Easily shop, communicate and enjoy with your phone

Photo by Georg Arthur Pflueger on Unsplash

As technology becomes more and more advanced, the elderly around the world are being left behind. Most users have expressed many times before how difficult and stressful technology is. There are an excessive amount of apps, with different purposes and instructions that are just not understandable enough for those who don’t spend many hours online.

Zantango is a revolutionary app that offers a live online concierge system for smartphones, tablets and computers, allowing users to make peace with technology. Keeping a busy agenda while living in a digital era feels overwhelming with a lot of jobs to do.  With this platform the struggle is easily eliminated.

Users simply say “Hey Siri/Google… Zantango”, and a live person/concierge appears on their smartphone screen via the Zantango app.  They can ask the “Tangoer” (online concierge) to help them with anything that can be done with a smartphone. Shopping, scheduling, prescription filling, and even emergencies can be solved by a live person.

An original and impressive idea, Zantango  actually cares about consumers and the untapped 55+ population.  It brings a mix of solutions to the table, saving family members countless hours spent trying to set up an important meeting or trying to teach a relative how to use and understand technology.

One of the best qualities Zantango is its responsibility to users. It is not just ‘another app in the market’. It is a groundbreaking tool that offers inclusivity in technology. People with medical conditions such as visual impairment, hearing loss, or inflammed joints have an opportunity to become active participants of an intercommunicated world.

In addition, for those who spend a lot of time in a car driving everywhere and can’t take a lot of time typing, just simply say “Hey Siri/Google… Zantango” and ask what you need. This  most innovative app helps users get things done while avoiding car accidents and complicated systems.

Zantango represents a way for people to re-connect with the human side of things. There are live concierges available 24/7 to help anyone, anytime, anywhere be able to access thousands of apps on their phones and computers. This app will transform the way that a huge segment of the US and global population (mostly people over 50) interact with technology, especially smartphones and computers

People no longer have to worry about how they or their loved ones will be able to transact, search, find information and directions, use rideshare, and communicate without any technical knowledge. This is a game-changer system that will always be there for you.