How groundbreaking app Zantango, with its live online concierges, steps strongly into the market to help a wide mix of users use all the apps on their phones.

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

Zantango is a game-changer for many, targeting the American population over 55 years old. That is well over 15% of the US population of 331 million, which translates to 50 million+ people today.

This new platform brings solutions to today’s problems with technology, putting an end to the everyday struggles people lacking confidence with media platforms have. Shopping, searching, ordering, getting directions and communicating can be done with the simple act of saying “Hey Siri/Google… Zantango”.

The app solves multiple pain points, and can help with almost anything online. Focused mostly on elderly people who are not able to use the vast majority of apps on their smartphones, the rapid and easy setup will make people’s lives easier. Many people in this age bracket are constantly forgetting passwords and other login information, leading to intense frustration from family and friends who suffer from immense frustration and time loss when attempting to help many users understand how to use their phones.

In addition, Zantango is ideal for people who don’t have a lot of time to sit and text for hours, and for those who suffer from medical conditions such as joint inflammation or are visually impaired, Zantango brings solutions to the table.

The platform also has assists with two glaring opportunities in the marketplace, One for drivers who can’t text and drive but need to remain productive while doing it, and Customer Service for those who are tired of useless chatbots that often come up short in terms of truly providing viable solutions.

A User can either set themselves up or have a family member or friend set them up on a smartphone. When signing up, an app is downloaded to their smartphone, then a credit card and personal information is input along with a minimum number of contacts. Their financial information is highly secure, and only available to a few centralized transaction coordinators.

Users can ask the “Tangoer” (online concierge) to help them with anything that can be done with a smartphone including shopping, communicating, booking travel, booking ride shares, prescription filling, emergencies, Google search, or almost anything else.

Being part of the communication world has never been easier. With this high-quality platform helping users to meet their needs and desires, the number of active consumers will grow. The numbers of isolated people who can’t use a mobile device will also be reduced simultaneously.

Zantango is a multi-purpose app that will change the world of technology and bring real solutions to everyday struggles for tech-challenged seniors and others. From shopping and searching to prescription filling and emergencies, Zantango has it all.