Although it may be easy for some people to navigate the internet through a cellular device, it is important to remember where you came from. As time goes on, newer generations are being exposed to technology from an increasingly younger age – the speed at which young children can navigate a mobile device after exposure since birth is astounding. As this technology continues to evolve and improve, the older generation are getting left behind.

Senior citizens were raised in a time where telephones were still attached to the wall with a spiral cord, and they may have actually experienced the invention of the modern computer during their lifetime. Today all phones are wireless, and most cellphones are used much less for what they were originally designed for, and much more as portable computers.

In 2021, the world is becoming increasingly more digital. Every business has a website, and more and more jobs are being made accessible for people to Work From Home. Shopping can be done with a click of a button and is delivered right to your door. This may be second nature for some people, but for others it is like living in a dystopian society.

While younger generations may be the future, it is important to respect the foundations in which our society is built upon – this foundation was shaped by the generations before us, and without their contribution, technology could not have grown to the heights it has reached today.

 Seniors lack the technological framework a lot of younger people have developed over time that would allow them to learn and adapt to newer technologies, so many times they require assistance when setting up a phone or tablet. This type of virtual assistance should be expanded further, so that older generations too can enjoy the benefits the internet has to offer that otherwise they might not be able to manage alone.

Some businesses have a goal of connecting seniors with an online helper so that they are able to utilize the internet. Zantango allows seniors to download an app and register, and from there it’s easy. Now, with just Siri voice activation, seniors can open the app and meet their “Tangoer:” this is their real-life online concierge who can assist them in mobile activities.

Here are some examples of how Zantango can help seniors:

  • Online shopping transactions
  • Connecting to friends and family
  • Booking flights or transportation
  • Scheduling appointments

Without the help of an online assistant, seniors may never have the opportunity of easy shopping and planning that the rest of us do so effortlessly. It is important that the younger generations are mindful of the way novel technology can be isolating for older demographics. These seniors are the founders of life as we know it today, and their experience is invaluable to modern society.

Older generations may struggle with new technology, but they have much they can teach us about life in general – say thank you by supporting them through technological advancements that would otherwise leave them behind and allowing them to stay connected to the rest of society.