How a live online concierge system for smartphones, tablets and computers provides quality service for everyone

Woman Using Smart Phone

With the rapid development of technology, and the arrival of the global pandemic, more people have become active online users than ever, and the most surprising group being those of 55 years of age and older.  But many in that group don’t have the same capability and time to manage their lives through technology.

Signing up on websites, setting up profiles, calling relatives, typing with tiny keyboards and so many more issues are part of the struggles seniors have. Zantango provides new hope for many elderly people to finally be able to join the ranks of technology users and for family members to resolve a massive “pain point” taking up a huge amount of time and causing tremendous frustration.

On the front end, users simply say “Hey Siri/Google… Zantango”, and a live person/concierge appears on their smartphone screen via the Zantango app. Users can ask the “Tangoer” (online concierge) to help them with anything that can be done with a smartphone including shopping, communicating, booking travel, booking ride shares, prescription filling, emergencies, Google search, or almost anything else. This promises to be a revolutionary tool for those who struggle with technology but want to be part of it.

Not only is it ideal as an assistant, but as a confidant too. For those always having trouble with passwords and login information, Zantango provides highly secured access making the user’s experience with technology a lot easier.  No more stressing over-complicated systems and media platforms for users and family. 

In addition, what’s also great is the opportunity for a wide range of gig workers to help these seniors, while offering  them an opportunity to work anytime, anywhere . Zantango brings flexible hi-tech to people to acquire a job that meets their needs and available time. Ideal for moms with kids, students other between jobs, those with physical handicaps, and those simply looking for work have a brand new revenue source they can access from their computer, and no car needed. The Tangoers will be paid based on the minimum wage in every country they’re based in.

This innovative and easy-to-use app has arrived to finally put an end to technology struggles. No more spending countless hours trying to understand complicated platforms, wasting precious time scheduling meetings, or getting frustrated trying to text on the smallest keyboards. The future of human-centric app-based technology is here.